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Posted On Jan 24, 2023

 ~ The Building Benchmark BC Program ~

Kelson Group has a diverse multi-unit residential building portfolio throughout 10 cities across B.C. and Alberta. Not only do we own and manage apartment rental buildings and townhomes, but we also develop properties available for rental and purchase. With an expansive portfolio, it is crucial that we stay up to date with the latest industry standards while exploring efficient ways to make our buildings more sustainable to lessen our buildings’ carbon footprint and take action on climate change. This is why Kelson Group was pleased to participate in Building Benchmark BC.

Building Benchmark BC's voluntary benchmarking and disclosure program is an invaluable tool for our industry, and beneficial for several reasons. The program ensures that the voice of our industry is heard by Government regulators because the transparency is good for our industry. Consumers should know what they are getting. Kelson Group is showing some great leadership in this regard. What government needs to understand is that for this transparency to happen is there needs to be consistent standards and accessible platforms like those found in BBBC and it provides an opportunity to learn how our individual buildings measure up when compared to the rest of the residential building inventory in British Columbia.

Additionally, the Building Benchmark BC program has become a source of valuable information on energy efficiency and emissions, which we use to inform decisions about future investments and improvements. All in all, Building Benchmark BC is a great opportunity for others who are looking to increase their knowledge and understanding of the building industry in British Columbia.

“Building Benchmark BC is a great opportunity for owners to take control of their emissions and energy costs and save money. Our analysis shows that more than 50% of buildings participating in building benchmark BC are using less energy now then when they started.” – Dave Ramslie Chief Operating Officer, OPEN Technologies

Kelson Group was pleased to be featured in 2022’s Building Benchmark BC annual report, as it is our hope that more developers, owners, and managers participate in the program. By doing so, we all can contribute to the collective knowledge about building performance and help to create a more sustainable future through taking intentional steps to improve.

Building Benchmark BC, an innovative voluntary benchmarking and disclosure program that has been in existence for three years, released its annual report featuring insights and case studies. One such featured case study was on Jason Fawcett, President of the Kelson Group. To read the case study and dive into what the report shares, click here:

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