A Wish for a Bright and Hope-filled New Year

Posted On Jan 3, 2021

This year for me, and likely for you, has brought about so much change and so many challenges as our entire world had undergone a kind of 'reset' during this global pandemic.

I looked back at my Christmas message from last year and it was full of hope and thankfulness as we collectively celebrated a holiday season with our families and friends. Who knew a year later we would be under provincial health orders that would bring about new rules to wear masks, socially distance in stores and restaurants, and our holiday celebrations would be restricted to those in our 'core bubbles'.

For our company, the pandemic has meant a shift to virtual tours for potential new tenants, limited in-home maintenance calls for our residents, limiting visitors to our buildings, and a change in many of our policies and protocols. But it has also collectively shifted our thinking to what is important. Neighbours helping neighbours dropping off groceries, people doing acts of kindness for others in greater measure, and our own company starting a rental assistance program to help those who have been adversely impacted by a job loss or other reasons. It is a time where we have been brought closer together through one of the most significant events in our lifetime.

I am reminded by a quote by the late Stephen Covey, and inspirational speaker, author, and leader who said, "the key is not to prioritize what's on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities."

May this year ahead be one in which you make the time to schedule your priorities - your health, your friends and family, and self-care. When we approach each day after scheduling our own health and wellness as a priority, we in turn will show up better to help others in remarkable ways.   

On behalf of our entire team at Kelson Group, we wish our residents and our community members a bright and hopeful 2021.  


Jason Fawcett

President, Kelson Group

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