Flowers, Flowers Everywhere!

Posted On Jul 10, 2020

We love to make life better for our residents whenever we can through our customer service, our renovations and repairs, and through taking care of our buildings which are the homes to thousands of families across B.C. and Alberta. One of the ways our team in Alberta is making our apartment buildings shine is through the beauty of flowers. In the ground, in pots at entry ways, hanging baskets, you name it… the apartment buildings are looking especially bright and cheery.

And our Alberta Property Manager Denise Cave could not be prouder of the team.

"Our team at Kelson Group has been working hard during these COVID-19 days to ensure our cleaning and sanitization practices are complete and that we are keeping residents well informed," said Denise.  "One thing we know, and it has become probably more evident during these past few months, is that people's spirits are lifted by beautiful flowers.  I would like to commend our team at various apartment buildings throughout our portfolio for creating beautiful planters filled with flowers.  They have added a pop of colour to our landscape, and our residents have commented on how much they appreciate the effort.  It is all a part of how we help our residents live better!"

If you're looking for a great place to plant your roots, and enjoy the flowers too, give our teams at Kelson Group the opportunity to show you around and share with you how we can help you, and your family, live better!

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