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What is a bachelor apartment

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Searching for a rental apartment and wondering what the difference is between a bachelor and a studio, or between a one-bedroom with den and two-bedroom? Understanding different terminology used to describe available rental apartments is an important part of a new home search.

A bachelor apartment is one that combines the living, kitchen, dining and sleeping areas all within one room, along with a separate bathroom. Bachelors commonly have less square footage than one- or two-bedroom apartments, and are usually occupied by just one person.

By comparison, a studio apartment is similar to a bachelor but frequently has a separate kitchen and/or dining area from the living room and bedroom area. Studios are often a bit bigger, square footage wise, than bachelor apartments.

With a one-bedroom apartment, rental home seekers can often expect an apartment layout with a single living and dining space, a separate kitchen area, and separate bedroom.

A one-bedroom with a den may include a separate room or partitioned area in addition to the bedroom, but most often without a closet. Dens are often smaller than a second bedroom as well. A two-bedroom apartment has two separate bedrooms, usually each with a closet. Bedroom sizes can vary, with some apartments featuring a larger main bedroom and ensuite with a smaller child's room as the second bedroom, while others may feature two equally sized rooms.

Kelson Group has more than 40 rental properties in BC and Alberta, most of which offer bachelor, one- and two-bedroom apartments. Each of our properties is featured on our website and provides potential renters with information on the types of units available, the square footage of the units and floor plans as well as monthly costs, along with information on amenities and utilities, etc. Web visitors may also enter price ranges, unit types and neighbourhoods to help narrow their searches.

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