Must-Read Tips for Speedy Spring Cleaning

Posted On Apr 17, 2018

When the temperatures slowly start to climb and plants begin to sprout from the thawing ground, that's your signal that it's time to start your spring cleaning. Don't think of spring cleaning as a chore, but rather as an opportunity to refresh your home as Mother Earth undergoes her own makeover outside. To make things as painless as possible, follow these quick tips for spring cleaning your Kelson Group Apartment!

  1. Start in the kitchen. Since this is where you do all of your chopping, mixing, and sauteing, the kitchen tends to get grimy faster than other areas of your home. Run through a quick routine to refresh it for spring. Start by wiping down the countertops and the cabinets to oust any lingering grease. Then run the empty dishwasher with a disinfecting agent, and as it whirs, also disinfect your sink. Don't forget to spray down the oven, fridge, and microwave, while you're at it.
  2. Tackle the bathroom. Take on the tiles in your bathroom armed with a mix of baking soda and water, which should help to easily remove any built-up soap scum. Spray the countertops and toilet with an all-purpose cleaner and wipe them down, then quickly spritz the mirror with a glass cleaner and swipe it away until you see a streak-free shine. If you want to do the floors faster, use a wet mop with a disposable pad, like a Swiffer.
  3. De-gunk your bedroom. Vacuuming the floor, dusting shelves, and washing your sheets are just the bare minimum when it comes to spring-cleaning your bedroom. While your sheets are in the wash, use a hand-held vacuum to suck up any gunk hanging out on your mattress and spot-clean using a fabric cleaner. Add a spritz of Febreze or another fabric-refreshing spray.
  4. Launch a preemptive strike against clutter. Once your apartment has received its spring refresh, take steps to make next year easier. Target areas that tend to attract clutter-like the front hallway-and make some changes. For instance, create a station next to the front door where you can hang your coat and drop your shoes in a basket. This will help to avoid creating chaos through clutter in the first place.

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