Spruce-Up your Edmonton Apartment: Paint the furniture

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Want to spruce-up your apartment? Instead of painting the walls, test your creative talents on your furniture!

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Spring is filling the air with freshness and new beginnings. With the budding season often comes the irresistible urge to change our immediate surroundings. That is, our homes. Making an appreciable change to your apartment décor is easier than you might think- consider painting your furniture. Edmonton Apartment Rentals would like to present this step-by-step guide to sprucing up your surroundings by painting your furniture.

Getting Your Apartment Ready:

Choose a space in your apartment that will be ok to monopolize for the length of time length of your project - probably 1 or 2 days. It should be out of the main traffic lanes, and offer ample space for you to work around the furniture. It should, above all, have good ventilation. Lay down a dropcloth, old sheets, or other large pieces of fabric that you no longer have a use for as you want to protect your flooring.  You might also want to hang protective material over any nearby walls.

Choosing Colours:

Take your time with this step. It's better to consider your choices carefully than to choose a colour that you won't want to live with. Visit your local paint store for swatches, and take them home to see how they look with your existing décor. Would you like to make a color statement and go bold? Then choose big, bright colors like aubergine, green apple or maroon red. Maybe you prefer a more sedate environment, and would be happier with furniture festooned in beiges and pastels. There are no wrong color choices- just the right ones for the situation.

Equipment You'll Need:

In addition to paint, you'll need something to apply it with. The size and shape of the piece will dictate the right paintbrush. Medium to small size brushes are good for many projects, but furniture with intricate detailing could require small brushes that reach the nooks and crannies.

Prepping The Furniture:

Remove knobs, handles, cushions and accessories. Set them aside, where they'll be easy to find later. Get the piece in good shape before you paint it. Clean it thoroughly, then scrape off any pitted surfaces. For wood furniture, you might want to sand and prime the piece. If the wood has large chips or holes, repair them with a wood filler.


Your brush strokes should go in the same direction and be applied with uniform pressure. Ideally, you won't see the strokes- but if they are present after drying, an application of sealant will often minimize their prominence. if you're new at this craft, practice first on some old wood or other material until you feel comfortable with a brush. It's important to allow ample drying time. Check the paint instructions for specifics. Remember to dry thoroughly between coats.

Cleaning Up Any Mess:

Wash your utensils right after you're finished using them, according to the paint manufacturer's instructions. Carefully gather up your drop cloths and dispose of them. Be sure that the finished piece has plenty of space and is in a well ventilated area.

The Unveiling!:

After your masterpiece is thoroughly dry, replace cushions and hardware, then place it in your new space! Well, the space won't actually be new, but it will certainly feel like a whole new living area, thanks to your craftiness and creativity.


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