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Reinette Cafe & Patisserie: The Shortest Distance Between Paris and Hillview Estates Apartments

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Which French dessert layers nutty-sweet chestnut puree with whipped cream, then tops it with light and fluffy meringue? If you guessed "Mont Blanc," you're correct! This dome-shaped dessert, whose name translates to "white mountain," is the signature sweet at Reinette Cafe & Patisserie, a French bakery just 400 meters from Hillview Estates Apartments.

Rather have something savory? Reinette Cafe & Patisserie also serves a lineup of gourmet sandwiches, or you can go for the crowd-favourite "Cardinal," a quinoa salad-stuffed tomato with cucumber and red onions. Slide into one of the tufted banquettes to enjoy your repast, and be sure to grab some macarons to take home!

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