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Pop the Bubbly! These Cocktails Will Add Some Fizz to Your New Year's Eve

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December 31 is one of the most upbeat and lively days of the year, and it deserves a drink with equal effervescence. That's where these cocktail recipes come in! Fizzy, bubbly, with a hint of sparkle, they're the perfect complement to New Year's Eve celebrations. Nota bene: All of these cocktails are equally as delicious without alcohol!

1) Melon, Mint & Prosecco Cocktail [The Kitchn]
Refreshingly herbal, this cocktail combines the flavors of prosecco and melon liqueur. Balled melon is plopped into each glass, then garnished with mint sprigs.

2) Sorbet and Champagne Cocktail [Martha Stewart]
For the party-goer with a sweet tooth, this champagne cocktail couldn't be much easier to make: Simply scoop fruit sorbet into a champagne flute, then pour champagne over top. We recommend garnishing with fresh raspberries.

3) Wally World [Food Network]
Lemon-lime soda, strawberry-flavored vodka, and cranberry juice cocktail create this festive cocktail. Add a strawberry for an added splash of color and flavor.

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