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Pest management processes part of health and safety

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At Kelson Group, we recognize there is increased public awareness among property owners and residents about pests and management practices around dealing with pests.

Our company, which owns and operates more than 40 rental properties in BC and Alberta, has processes in place across all our apartments for rent to ensure pest management is reviewed and dealt with efficiently and with the least amount of harm. We're committed to following these processes as part of our health and safety program and ask our residents to follow up immediately when they see or encounter pests, as well.

Our practices around pest management involve working with tenants and professional pest management companies to:

  • Assess the issue and confirm a path forward on treatments, which vary depending on the situation.
  • Communicate responsibilities including costs (generally covered by landlords), treatment plans and follow-up.
  • Follow instructions on treatment based on recommendations by pest management companies and building management. Residents are responsible for cooperating with landlords' efforts in controlling pests.
  • Report any potential problems or reoccurrences following treatment. Pest control specialists provide tenants with information prior to and following treatment programs.

We ask residents to contact building managers as soon as possible when they see or suspect a pest in a building or an individual suite. If and when a pest problem occurs, we pledge to work with all parties as quickly as possible to prevent further spread. Early detection and reporting are key to controlling pests.

In Alberta, we follow recommendations about bed bug pest management set out by the Alberta Residential Landlord Association. In BC we follow recommendations put forward at