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Perfect Juices and Smoothies Every time

Tags: Kamloops , healthy living , recipes
Fresh vivid smoothie ingredientsEating healthy can be a challenge sometimes, especially if getting all your fruits and vegetables in seems like a chore. For today’s post, the Kelson Group blog team has put together a guide for making perfect juices and smoothies every time so that residents of our Kamloops apartments can easily increase their daily intake of these nutritious ingredients. The key to making a perfect smoothie isn’t in the ingredients themselves, but way you combine them together. Since everyone has different taste buds, you’ll certainly want to tinker with the blend after you perfect the process of smoothie making. Here are the five steps to making a perfect smoothie: 1.     Start with a liquid like milk, juice or water. 2.     Add fruit, sweeter fruits like berries round out your flavour. 3.     Thicken up your smoothie with yogurt, larger fruits, or leafy greens. 4.     Add extras like protein powder or flax seeds. 5.     Sweeten to taste with honey or another healthy sweetener. For examples of which ingredients to use for each step, and some great smoothie recipes, click here. Save-On-Foods (1210 Summit Drive) is just a four-minute walk from our Hillsview Apartments in Kamloops (423 Arrowstone Drive) and is the perfect place to pick up fresh fruits and vegetables. Next, make the perfect green juice in these six easy steps: 1.     Choose a leafy green. 2.     Choose some alkaline veggies. 3.     Choose the fruit. 4.     Add some spice. 5.     Mix all ingredients in a blender or juicer. 6.     Add a splash of fresh lemon juice on top. To see which kind of ingredients you can use for each step, and to get an energizing green juice recipe, click here. Superfood juices featuring carrots, fruits and nuts, beetroots and greens as well as pomegranate, cranberry, blueberry, cherry, acai berry and red grape juices all work wonders to keep you energized. Recipes for all of these be found on here. The Real Canadian Superstore (910 Columbia Street West) is just a five-minute walk from our College Manor Apartments (670 McBeth Place) and sells all the ingredients you’ll need to make these juice recipes. The Kelson Group has twenty different communities with apartments for rent in Kamloops. To learn more about our communities throughout British Columbia and Alberta, click here.