Mother’s Day: Let’s Get Creative During Self Distancing!

Posted On May 5, 2020


It's almost here!  The day where we celebrate the wonderful woman you call Mom! How can you make her feel as special as you normally might but without the brunches, the pedicure date, or a special family gathering? In our efforts to help you live better, we have compiled some ideas to help you celebrate that special woman in your life!


  • Every Mom loves to hear the sound of her child, whether they are young or old, so arrange a family online call so Mom can see and hear you all at once.  ZOOM or FaceTime are great platforms used to gather together while being apart.  Another fun face-to-face social network she might like is Houseparty which is another networking app that allows up to 8 people to video chat at once in the same "room."


  • Another way to make mom feel special is a drive by visit with signs and balloons.  This is a great idea to involve your younger kids and get them helping in the decoration process - blowing up balloons, making happy signs Mom will see as you drive by waving, smiling, and sending her love!  She will be thrilled to see your faces!


  • Who doesn't appreciate a good old-fashioned handwritten letter?  Why not write mom a heartfelt note telling her some of your favourite memories growing up or reminding her all the reasons she is #1 to you. She will be so touched you took the time to think of her.


  • If mom likes to garden, why not surprise her with a doorstep drop-off of seeds in a beautiful pot.  You've done the first part, now mom gets to watch the vegetables grow or flowers bloom. It is exciting to see what will start to poke through the soil and it gives her a hopeful reminder of better seasons to come.


  • How about a cook and drop? Recreate one of Mom's favourite dishes and deliver to her doorstep; she'll be sure to smile from ear-to-ear knowing she does not have to cook tonight and still gets to enjoy her favourite dish! Perhaps she is a fan of Martha Stewart's Baked-Eggplant Parmesan, well then that is exactly what you should cook for her. Also, tell her to leave the dirty plates on the front steps and you'll even come grab those when she is finished so she is free from chores tonight too!



With all that is going on in the world, it will still be Mother's Day this Sunday.  Be sure to show her how much you appreciate her and everything she has done for you.  Remember, a little celebration or gesture, although from a distance, can go a long way!

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