Ready, Set, Deep Clean!

Posted On Mar 4, 2021


Can you feel it? Spring is in the air! As Mother Nature begins to clean up and rejuvenate her outdoor spaces, it is time to think about doing the same to your indoor spaces. As many of us have been in our homes more than usual over this past year, a good deep clean is most likely needed.  Though routine spot cleaning and tidying is essential for keeping pet hair, dust and bacteria build-up in check, a deep clean can add years to your home and its contents. Deep cleaning provides a preventative maintenance that can help to extend the life of your furniture, built-ins, electronics and overall structure. Did you know that it can also help to reduce potential financial burden through exposing unknown leaks or damage before they become larger issues?


To gain some further insight on how to best go about deep cleaning your space and what to look for when hiring a professional, we spoke with industry leader Holly Proudlove of Mop To It. Holly created Mop To It after her time serving as President of a condo board and experiencing the frustration of being unable to find quality, responsible and reliable cleaners for her building. Today, this Edmonton-based company provides personalized cleaning services for residential, commercial and condominium spaces and is well known for their exemplar communication, customer service and high cleaning standards.


When asked what tips Holly could provide to those looking to deep clean their home, she had these words of advice to offer:


  1. Get in the zone – block off some time in your calendar, put on your favourite playlist, put on your comfy clothes and lineup the cleaning supplies!
  2. Focus on one area at a time – deep cleaning can be overwhelming. Choose a high traffic room such as the kitchen or bathroom and start there. When complete, or when you have time, move on to another space. Setting up a schedule to do one room a weekend or one room every other evening will assist in lightening the perceived burden of doing your entire home.
  3. Follow a cleaning path – thanks to gravity, everything falls down. Start your cleaning at the top of your room (ceilings/tops of countertops/tops of walls) and then move your way down. Start on the left side of a room and move to the right.  If you are pulled away, you can easily return and know exactly where to pick up from.
  4. Play Hide and Seek – if you were a little dust mite or bacteria, where do you think you could hide within the room you are cleaning? Yes, it's time to remove those light coverings, unclog ventilation systems/fans, get behind your appliances and toilets (being careful not to scratch flooring surfaces as you move items).
  5. Utilize the right product for the job – there are countless products available from industrial strength to those made from natural and environmentally friendly items. Choose what will work best for you and the occupants of your space. If you have children, pets or possibly someone with allergies, ensure the products you use will be safe for those who will be touching surfaces within. Be sure to use the correct product to do the job you are working on. (ie: do not use toilet cleaner to clean your kitchen sink.) Be sure to test a small area you will be cleaning with the product you will be using to ensure it works effectively and does not remove shine from something that should have a sheen or scratch a surface that should be smooth.  Word of caution – Holly does not recommend making your own cleaning solutions. If you do, be certain you have measured the ingredients properly. Many at-home recipes can be harmful to surfaces in your home (such as vinegar removing outer specialty coatings on tile).



Deep cleaning means taking items out of drawers and cupboards and fully wiping them down, spraying surfaces like showers, tubs and sinks and leaving the product to sit for at least an hour to allow the grime to start lifting. It takes time. If you are interested in hiring someone to assist you, Holly recommends you do your homework prior to inviting a company/individual into your home and request the following:


  • Liability Insurance – to ensure you are covered should something be stolen or broken
  • Workers Compensation Certificate – to ensure you are covered should someone injure themselves while working within your home
  • Product Review – ask what products the company/individual will be using to clean and ensure they will work with your occupants needs (allergies, children, pets)
  • Scope of work – Simply stating "deep clean" can mean differing things to differing companies. Ask them to list what they will be doing in each room and how long they estimate it to take. Ensure everything you want is within your quote to avoid unexpected charges in the end
  • Reference and Reviews – to ensure legitimacy, do your homework and see what others have had to say


A tidy home promotes positive energy and an instant endorphin boost. A deep-cleaned home provides a safe and healthy environment and prolonged content lifespan!


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