Summer Essentials

Posted On Aug 6, 2019


Sun - check. Positive vibe - check. Social chilling - check. These three things are the only essentials that matter when it comes to summer, but if you're looking to step up your summer entertaining game, we've got some low-key, low-cost ideas. At Kelson Group, our mission is to provide apartments to help our residents live better, and tips to help you enjoy your apartment more this summer season we hope is a bonus! So, kick up your feet and scroll through our top 10 picks for summer entertaining - no matter where the sun takes you!


Makin' Shade

There are a lot of options to add a little shade to your space. Patio umbrellas, shade sails, and sun shades are perfect for large open spaces or patios, allowing you to move the shade along with the sun. Semi-fixed options, like canopies and curtains, are also great for rentals or spaces where needs might change, and you aren't able to fix something permanently to a wall.



Potted plants and baskets are a great option to freshen up any space. Tropical hibiscus is an excellent and fragrant full-sun option and the plants are big enough to provide a bit of shade to your space. Planting herbs and edible plants provides colour, scent, and convenient options to freshen up summer dishes. 


Portable Seating

Folding chairs, camping chairs, or even pillows, make for easy and versatile seating options. We suggest rentals for one-time events, saving you both cost and storage. Depending on where you choose to hang it, a portable hammock might also be an option for ultimate relaxation.


Lighting and Candles

When the sun goes down, the warm glow lives on! It's amazing what one simple string of well-placed lights can bring to a space. A few strategically placed candles really amps up the ambiance. There are a number of battery-operated candles on the market offering a safe way to bring a warm glow to any space.


Ice Buckets and Coolers

You're chill. Your food and drink should be too. Most Dollar Stores sell big plastic bins that can easily double as a no-frills ice bucket. For ultimate chilling style, consider a portable steel patio cooler. Both options come in lots of fun colours - and you can never have too much colour in the summer!


Serving Trays and Boards

Dish up fun with endless platter and charcuterie options. Dollar Stores are an economical no-frills option. If you're really crafty, consider making your own charcuterie board from live-edge wood. Just make sure any applied oils or sealers are food safe.



These tasty treats get their own category. Nothing says summer like this chef-d'oeuvre of graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallowy goodness. Stick with the classic or get fancy by swapping out ingredients. Try waffles or cookies instead of crackers, and berries, bacon, caramel, or peanut butter to complement or replace the chocolate. Yum! A BBQ is a great way to make your own perfect patio s'mores!


Yard Games

There's nothing wrong with a little friendly competition! From the classics like bocce, badminton, and corn hole to newer options like giant Jenga and Connect 4, there are endless reasons to bring your game face to a grassy space. If your apartment building doesn't have a grassy common area, head to a local park and let the games begin!  Traditional board and card games are a no-fuss way to entertain in smaller spaces.



Inspired by: The Spruce

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