Tips For Renters: How to Build Community in Your Building

Posted On Sep 17, 2019

Renting can offer benefits and challenges when seeking to build community as a resident. One benefit is you live in proximity with others who share a common experience in terms of physical space. A challenge often lies in finding ways to get to know others, especially if your apartment building doesn't have a lot common space.


Below are some tips to build community and to get to know your neighbours:

  1. Be the neighbour you'd like to have. This adage is valuable every day, especially when living near and sharing space with others.
  2. Introduce yourself. Instead of awkwardly pretending you don't see the other person, break the ice. Smile, make eye contact, and say hello to those who share the elevator, stairs, or lobby. It's amazing how far a simple greeting will go toward building community.
  3. Be a leader. Start an email list to keep others in the loop on local sales and events. Connecting with neighbours in this way is an easy start to creating a sense of place with others.
  4. Welcome newcomers. Connect with new tenants when they move in and introduce yourself. It's natural to be curious about newcomers, so start things off on a positive note by helping them feel at home.
  5. Be visible. In an apartment building, being visible means spending time in communal areas. If there's no common area, spend time on your balcony and on walks or jogs nearby. Shopping nearby will also, slowly but surely, allow you to get to know your neighbours.

We hope this list of ideas inspires you to reach out to others. No one wants to be lonely and isolated - the first step toward building community is realizing you don't have to be!



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