Get Your Apartment Holiday-Ready with These Three Decorating Tips!

Posted On Dec 2, 2021

The holiday season is upon us! Store fronts unveil captivating displays, tree-lined streets playfully come to life with festive lighting, and hints of evergreen can be found almost everywhere. Amongst all the hustle and bustle, there is a natural sense of warmth and magic at this time of the year. Looking to make your home more festive?  Here are three simple tips to get you started.

1. Choose a theme

A simple way to create that holiday mood in your living space is to choose a theme and utilizing consistent colours and textures that complement one another is key. Search the internet or explore local boutiques to gain inspiration for your space and personalize it. Whatever your hobby or passion may be, find creative ways to incorporate elements of it into your décor. Hang some garland atop your kitchen cabinets and attach golf tees to it to show off your passion for the game. Or add whisks and other kitchen items to pieces of evergreen boughs with golden bows around your home. Have fun with it!

2. Find Your Perfect Balance Between Festiveness and Functionality

Finding the perfect balance between adding décor and still living well within your home will differ for everyone. For some, an oversized tree may brighten spirits and for others, losing precious floorspace may feel confining. An easy fix could be switching out paintings and prints displayed on wall space for winter scenes or photos of friends/family during past Christmas get-togethers. Or utilize bookshelves, open shelving, and beverage carts to display seasonal décor without reducing the use of your current floorplan.

3. Stimulate Your Senses

Achieving that festive, holiday feeling involves a three-fold approach blending sights, smells and textures! Place battery-powered twinkle lights atop shelving or around other décor to bring a sense of warmth and intrigue. Create a single focal point or a series of points to move your attention throughout the space. Whether it be pine, peppermint, or freshly baked cookies, find a scent you love and allow its aromas to fill a room with an air diffuser, hand soaps or candles. Scents can ground us and create an instant feeling of comfort. Set a scene for coziness that includes soft and fuzzy throw pillows, heavy blankets, and maybe an entryway basket of socks or slippers for guests to enjoy.

All it takes is a little imagination to create a festive feeling within your apartment.

From all of us at Kelson Group, we wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season!

Here are some sites we recommend for inspiration:

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