Edmonton apartment living: your rental survival guide

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After spending a lot of time searching for apartments to rent in Edmonton you've finally found the perfect place and are now ready to kick back and relax.

Apartment living, however, means sharing communal space with neighbours, which can pose the occasional challenge.  

When problems arise, be it late-night noise, parking complaints or other inconsiderate behavior, communication is key. Your first and best step should be to have a one-on-one, face-to-face conversation with your neighbour.  Perhaps there's a reason he neglects to place his trash in the garbage receptacle in a timely fashion, leaving it sitting outside his door for hours at a stretch.  And maybe a hearing loss prevents him from realizing that not everyone enjoys opera played on high volume after midnight. 

Whatever the source of aggravation, a simple conversation conducted respectfully is often all it takes to diffuse a potential problem. Your goal is to maintain a harmonious living environment, not to provoke an ongoing feud.  If the situation continues to occur after the conversation, your next step would be to contact the building management.

Another tool in the apartment survival toolbox is knowing how to ask for maintenance. Residents have the right to expect quality service, and your building manager will respond promptly to all requests for assistance.  It is important to contact the manager in a timely fashion so that needed repairs or maintenance can be scheduled and performed.  Provide as much information as possible about the problem, including when it was first noticed and the length of time it has continued.  A plumbing leak, for instance, is the type of issue that needs to be addressed as soon as possible to prevent damage to the structure, not postponed until after a long holiday weekend has passed. 

With winter quickly approaching, it is important to familiarize yourself with your home's heating system.  A thorough understanding of the controls will ensure a comfortable and cozy living environment all through the winter months. By properly setting controls, your system will work at peak efficiency when temperatures dip.  It's important to keep windows closed when the system is in operation; opening windows in the winter months with the heating system running is neither efficient nor environmentally responsible, and prevents the system from operating properly. Plus if it is very cold there is the real possibility of heating pipes freezing and bursting causing extensive water damage to your apartment and neighbour below.

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