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Valentine's Day

Did You Receive Flowers for Valentine's Day? Here's How to Keep Them Fresher Longer!

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Did your sweetie proclaim his or her love through fresh flowers yesterday? Lucky you! If you want to prolong the lifespan of that Valentine's Day bouquet, here are a few pointers to keep in mind!

  1. Re-cut. Whether your blooms arrived already vased or wrapped in cellophane, you'll want to give each stem a fresh trim. Cut about a quarter-inch from the bottom of each stem, slicing at a 45-degree angle. The angled cut will allow the stems to absorb more water than they would through a straight cut.
  2. Strip the stems. Remove any leaves that would fall below your container's water line. This will help prevent the growth of bacteria in the water.
  3. Fill (or refill) the vase. If your bouquet arrives in a vase, empty the water and refill the container with fresh, cool water. Most arrangements come with a packet of flower food; add that to the water, too. Some people suggest adding apple cider vinegar and sugar to the water, as well.
  4. Avoid the sun. Make sure to display flowers in a shaded spot away from drafts and air vents.
  5. Change the water. Empty and refill your vase on a daily basis!

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