Budget Friendly Styling Tips for Renters

Posted On Apr 29, 2019

Customizing Your Rental Apartment

Having a beautifully styled home that thoughtfully reflects your unique personality can be a game changer for everyday living. Carefully selected design choices have the power to motivate, stimulate, and inspire everything you do. But what if you are renting? How can you bring pieces of YOU into a rental apartment without breaking the bank and keeping the peace with your landlord?


It may not be as difficult as you think! At Kelson Group we believe you should always feel comfortable in your own home, even if it's a rental. So, we have gathered some of our favorite tips for personalizing your living space. They are simple to execute, easy on the wallet, and in some cases, reversible!

Throw Down an Area Rug or Two

Just like accent pillows, throw rugs can easily be added to a room for color, texture, and warmth. Injecting a bit of your personality with a throw rug is a fast and economical way to cover up an existing flooring you don't like or that has seen better days. And don't get stuck thinking area rugs are just for hard surfaces. Layering them on top of an existing carpet can be an interesting and trendy way to update a tired space.

Liven Things Up with Plants

Plants bring a lot to a space, visually and mentally. They have the ability to liven any room with hits of color, shape, and texture. They can also hide unwanted features and purify your air. By putting them into fun pots and vases you can also up your decor game with visual interest, and, if you are really creative, architectural features. 

Bring Balance with Books

Books and bookshelves can be just what a room void of personality needs. If you are short on space, consider fixing simple shelves in sets of three or five to give the illusion of a book shelf. By alternating how you stack your books, you can easily add in pictures, personal items, and mementos to give your shelves added interest.

Make Your Storage Do Double Duty

Clever and creative ways to store your junk has secured a tight corner in the design world. You don't have to be Marie Kondo to know how a space instantly improves when everyday items can be quickly stashed and stored. Baskets, boxes, soft sided bags, and cleverly crafted furniture that converts to storage, can easily give your rental apartment style and then seamlessly transition into the next living space you'll call home.


We hope these suggestions will inspire you to personalize and give your rental apartment just the right touch that will allow you to proudly call it home.


Article Inspiration from The Spruce

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