Big Workouts in Smaller Spaces

Posted On Jan 7, 2021


"Pivot" seems to be the newest buzz word and can be used with respect to your mindset and fitness routine. We chatted with Bradley Young of Diverse Training Centre in Kamloops, B.C. on how to successfully pivot and move forward with personal fitness in these ever-changing times.


Being an owner and instructor of a fitness facility, Bradley has assisted numerous individuals in achieving their fitness goals through creating realistic plans that help his clients continue to stay motivated well into the future. A key focus that differentiates Bradley's training techniques from others is his holistic fitness approach. Bradley firmly believes in the successful combination of nutrition and whole-body fitness to promote good mental and physical health.  Something that is not often spoken about when the term "fitness" comes up, is that fitness should not be about vanity. Rather than picking apart portions of your body you want to improve upon, pivot your focus to wanting to feel healthier overall. 


Bradley says, "Change your focus from wanting sculpted abs or larger biceps, to wanting to sleep better, feel more energetic overall and being able to perform your day to day tasks without any limitations. Aim to gain that invigorating feeling that one receives after completing a great workout. That feeling goes on to generating a more positive mental state where you tend to treat others around you with kindness and enthusiasm, work harder when you get to the office/job site and in-turn, gain lasting physiological results ‚Ķlike a second silver lining". 


When asked what tips to help people looking to get back into a regular routine, wanting to start a new routine, or just newly starting out, he had this to share:


  • Set realistic, achievable goals: to keep motivated and to recognize the results you are achieving, set a long-term goal to work toward with short-term goals as mile-markers to hit along the way.
  • Invest in knowledge: starting anything new comes with an initial investment. Invest in a one-on-one session with a Certified Personal Trainer or join a group program lead by a professional to learn how to properly do exercises, create an effective whole-body work-out routine, and set realistic goals.
  • Set-up accountability measures: use your personal trainer, group leader, or gym buddy to set accountability measures to stay motivated to complete workouts, follow safe exercise form, and keep on track to achieve your goals.
  • Follow the professionals: no matter who you follow, ensure they have a professional fitness designation and certification. Look for those who hold certifications from sources like the Canadian Fitness Professionals Association.
  • Find a Medium You Enjoy: resist joining a gym or class based on others you know who have had good results. Yes, the programming obviously works and is probably fantastic, however your friend is seeing results because of their dedication, and results come down to motivation. You need to find something you enjoy doing which will motivate you to continue. Find the medium that works for you even if you try a couple of options to find the right fit.


"During the pandemic, many had to shift from regularly attending fitness classes or training centres to being on their own, doing workouts from home. Moving from expansive gym and fitness class settings to adapting the family living room into a workout space has been a challenge. This should not be a deterrent or excuse to allow yourself to get off-course from your fitness goals. There are hundreds of exercises that can be done within a small space, and when we say small space, we mean a room as wide as you are tall, plus maybe a foot or two."


Bradley's Keys to Home Workout Success


  • Invest in a paid program: paid programs typically have more benefits than free ones. They start at a base level providing explanations, tips on positioning and posture, and then build as the program progresses to more challenging exercises focused on full-body workouts.
  • Make a dedicated space: find a spot in your home you can call your workout space, even if it is a multifunctional space. Ensure the space can be transformed into your workout area in under one minute. If you must move large or multiple pieces of furniture, it can become an excuse to not follow-through with your fitness routine.
  • Find your motivator: we all respond differently to challenges. Find an instructor who enthuses you to want to work hard. Whether it is the tone of their voice, their demonstrations, or even the music they play, find something that will get your endorphins pumping and wanting to come back.
  • Invest in resistance: many at-home workouts utilize body weight as resistance. Depending on the activity and your fitness level, this can be too much as you cannot change your bodyweight on the fly to adjust the intensity. Invest in hand weights, dumbbells, or resistance bands  to add additional challenges to your workout routines. Plus, they won't break the bank.


"Overall, fitness is as individualized as you are. Find ways to keep yourself moving and motivated with a support network to assist you in working toward, and celebrating, your goals. If you want to see results, work with a professional."


Diverse Training Centre offers online and in-person personal training and group classes focussed on nutrition and whole-body fitness. Check them out online at Their team will put you on a customized path to long-term results and overall success.

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