A Safe and Spooky Halloween in Your Kelson Community

Posted On Oct 16, 2019


We love it when our Kelson community celebrates the holidays, it's all a part of living better. We believe the living in an apartment doesn't mean missing out on Halloween or trick-or-treating. In fact, living in an apartment building offers some great advantages-neighbours are close by, and there's no need to bundle up and cover up those awesome costumes!


Tips for Residents

Whether you're hosting an adult Halloween party or getting ready for trick-or-treaters, here's a few neighbourly tips:

  • Invite neighbours to join you – if you know you'll be hosting a few friends over, invite your neighbours. This is a great way to get to know those around you and to alleviate some of the concern around disrupting your neighbours. Keep in mind though, not everyone will be up for dressing up, so keep it classy and respect quiet hours.
  • Supervise younger children – even though trick-or-treating in an apartment is relatively safe, it's still important to watch the littles who may not think twice about running into a neighbour's apartment.
  • Set rules for older kids – give them times to check in via cell phone or at home and have them respect their neighbours by not running in the halls.
  • Enjoy treats later – check the candy cache once back at home and discard any that look like they've been opened or tampered with. Only keep homemade treats if you know and trust the source.


If you're looking forward to welcoming trick-or-treaters at your apartment door, these tips are for you:

  • Get in the spirit – put a decoration on your door so kids know you're expecting them.
  • Play it safe – offer pre-packaged treats only. This will ensure the trick-or-treaters get to enjoy the treats!
  • Get creative – with there being so many dietary considerations, offer non-food treats to kids. The Dollar Store often offers small toys and games in bulk for a reasonable price.


If you're looking to venture outside, there are plenty of local events geared for kids at low or no cost. Most malls offer family trick-or-treating opportunities which are ideal for the little ones and a great reference to find Halloween inspired activities in your community is your local tourism website.


Check out these sites to find fantastic Halloween activities near you:


British Columbia (Prince George)


Alberta (Grand Prairie) (Sherwood Park)


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