5 Easy Storage Hacks for Your Apartment Rental

Posted On Jul 8, 2019

Need More Storage Space?

At Kelson Group, we want to help you live better by providing quality apartment rentals. We also believe we can help you live better by providing handy hacks, tips, and tricks to make your apartment uniquely your own. If your apartment rental is a bit on the smallish size, maximizing storage is probably a common concern. Lucky for you, compact spaces are becoming more mainstream, making storage solutions easy to find.  And the flexibility of the "anything goes" attitude in decorating and design, allows for lots of creative out of the box solutions.

You can never have too many space saving ideas, so we've come up with 5 fun and easy storage hacks to keep your space organized and clutter free!


Stow Your Shoes

Shoes can be a nuisance. Especially if your closet space is limited. The best way to keep them from getting in the way, is to get them off the floor! Try stowing them in baskets, crates, or stackable storage bins.

Consider this DIY project: purchase inexpensive crates, apply a coat of paint, attach some fun hardware for handles and finish the bottoms with wheels. It will add some fun interest and can easily be wheeled out of the way when you have company.


TV Units Take Up Valuable Space

Back in the day, the bigger the TV console, the better! Today, TVs have become a lot more streamlined and flat screens take up less space.  It is also easier to hide those ugly electrical cords. Creating great storage solutions doesn't have to be big in size, they need to be practical.

Consider this: mount a storage shelf under your tv to hide all the chords. Try using a dresser or narrow table to store things like remotes, extra batteries, drink coasters, games, magazines, and books. Look for furniture pieces that have a narrow depth and are proportioned to the scale of your apartment.


Turn Any Flat Item into A Shelf

You don't have to be uber handy with tools to make a clever space saving shelf when you use Floyd. This clever industrial solution to quick and easy building projects allows anyone to create unique shelving options with their signature clamp brackets. Simply mount the brackets, find something flat to serve as your shelf, and voila! You're done! NOTE: make sure you ask your Building Manager about installation to get any approvals you may need.

Consider this: think outside the box. Get creative with your "something flat". Use a live edge piece of wood, a vintage board game, a skateboard, or reclaimed barnwood. Local lumber yards and stores like Ikea are perfect places to pick up unique pieces.


How to Create Lots of Wall Storage

Go up! Create your storage to climb the wall with plastic shoe cabinets called TRONES by Ikea.  They are lightweight, easy to mount, and extremely inexpensive. Another major bonus is their compact size making them ideal for narrow hallways and small bathrooms.

Consider this: expand their original use, which is for shoes, to store anything and everything. From clothing, toys, paperwork, toilet paper, pantry items, and just about anything else you need to get out of sight.


How to Magically Create More Drawer Space

If you haven't come across Marie Kondo and her Joy of Tidying methods, you might want to take a peek at some of the clever ways she organizes drawers. By adding storage containers inside your drawers, you can keep everything organized and easy to access for when you need something.

Consider this: when storing clothing, roll your clothes instead of folding them. This will instantly free up more space in your drawers and will help you find items much faster. Rolling also helps to keep your clothes wrinkle free!


Living in a smaller apartment rental doesn't have to be frustrating or without storage. There are lots of ways you can make some extra space simply by being well organized and having proper storage solutions. We hope these quick and easy storage hacks will enable you to enjoy your home more and give you the space you need to relax.

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