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Bring the Outdoors In with These Easy Decorating Tips for Fall

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Fall is in full swing, and with the new season comes cooler weather, shorter days, and, perhaps most importantly, an excuse to redecorate! Read on for a few of our favourite ways to bring autumn indoors!

1) Look to Mother Nature. Sure, you could head to the mall for your seasonal home decor, or you could just head outdoors. Embark on a seasonal scavenger hunt, and gather some fallen twigs, brightly colored leaves, and a few handfuls of acorns. Then, arrange your all-natural goodies to create festive seasonal displays. We love the idea of displaying acorns in a clear vase, or arranging twigs into a striking vased arrangement.

2) Hightail it to the grocery store. Consider shopping for decor in the produce aisle of your favourite supermarket! Uncooked cranberries can make for a stunning display when poured into a glass bowl, while sliced oranges can be transformed into stovetop potpourri that infuses your space with fall fragrance.

3) Cuddle up. Swap out your throw blankets and toss pillows for warmer, cozier versions. Throw blankets invite snuggle sessions with touchable faux fur and flannels, and toss pillows can bring the fiery hues of autumn indoors. 

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